20” Adjustable Snake Chain Sterling Silver
Crystal Works Austin

20” Adjustable Snake Chain Sterling Silver

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This chain is a bestseller at Crystal Works, and with good reason! Not only is this chain sturdy and made of beautiful sterling silver, but it's adjustable as well. If you are someone who needs help with a clasp on your necklace, not anymore! Just use the little silver ball to lengthen or shorten the chain so that you can even put it on with the clasp already done! This chain is great if you're like a lot of our employees and customers who like stacking your necklaces! Since you can always change the length, you'll easily have the option to add another pendant piece above or below it. If you're in the mood for an elegant look, wear this chain with something backless, and this beautiful silver will rest where it can accentuate your look. The versatility of these chains is what makes them such a favorite!

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