Amethyst Pendant with Moldavite detail
Amethyst Pendant with Moldavite detail
Amethyst Pendant with Moldavite detail
Amethyst Pendant with Moldavite detail
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Amethyst Pendant with Moldavite detail

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 This .925 Bali Sterling Silver pendant features a Gold Moldavite accent and an Amethyst detail. Read on beow for the folklore of these two stunning crystals!

Amethyst is one of the ultimate stones for the third eye, making it a great mediation aid. Amethyst is very helpful in rising above the little negative details we can become caught up in at times, and helps us to step away and see the bigger picture. Amethyst is all about perspective, especially the larger mystical perspective beyond the mundane.

Amethyst has a folklore of both physical and psychic protection that goes back to ancient times. The Greek creation myth behind Amethyst also points to one of it's more modern attributions, that of moderation. Amethyst is said to be of special help to those seeking to overcome negative and self-sabotaging behavior patterns; it is said to be particularly helpful in overcoming addictions.

Since Amethyst works with both the crown and third eye chakras, it is a wonderful crystal ally in aiding in developing one intuition. Amethyst is also beneficial to those who are in careers that focus on creativity as Amethyst is stimulating to the imagination as well. With Amethyst's focus on imagination, creativity, and mystical experience it is associated with the astrological sign Pisces.


Moldavite is a crystal of big changes! This amazing meteorite has the appearance of luminous translucent green glass. We actually like to call Moldavite space glass around the shop!

Moldavite was first discovered by farmers who uncovered it in fields in areas of central Europe where this particular meteorite collided with the Earth more than 14 million years ago. Each piece is one of a kind, and there will never be another one like it since Moldavite has a finite source.

Much like Quartz, Moldavite is said to enhance the power of other stones that are placed with it. Moldavite also encourages you to work on your Higher Self, in fact the energy of Moldavite can be so strong that it seems to guide one to this very purpose. Moldavite is helpful in Divine Connection of all kinds, including connecting with Spirit Guides. Moldavite is also a powerful chakra activator.

Moldavite can be of special help to Empaths; it shields negative energy, while creating a sense of inner calm. If you are interested in past lives, many people work with Moldavite to gain insight for this purpose as well. Some folks who have a special affinity for the extraterrestrial use these as talismans for communication beyond our own world.

Whether you want to believe or not, Moldavite definitely wants to go star-gazing with you!

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