Baltic Amber Pendant
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Baltic Amber Pendant

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Each unique sterling silver pendant is handmade in the USA with the most lovely mineral and crystal specimens. The sterling silver settings on each piece are delicate, elegant, and sturdy; a truly winning combination!

Amber is fossilized tree resin! One lesser known fact about Amber is that it's phosphorescent under a black light; how cool is that!? With it's sunny color, the folklore of Amber includes improving moods when one is feeling down, helping to maintain energy levels, and being used to clear spaces of negativity. Amber is also great for those who work in energetic healing. Amber is an especially useful stone to those beginning to work with their intuition, providing protection. If you are interested in Ancestral Work, Amber has got you covered there too.

Amber is linked to both the sunny sign of Leo, and the big picture sign of Aquarius.

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