Black Tourmaline Quartz
Black Tourmaline Quartz
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Black Tourmaline Quartz

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The combination of Quartz and Black Tourmaline is among the most potent crystals for grounding, protection, and healing. The folklore of Quartz is that it is the "master healer", and it is used to amplify the energy of any other stones in pairs. With Black Tourmaline Quartz, you get a two for one! Black Tourmaline is wonderful for protection, shielding negativity, and grounding. Black Tourmaline Quartz can be used in so many diverse ways to obtain it's benefits! You can wear it, carry a pocket tumble, and it's great in crystal grids!

If you are looking for a stone of strong healing benefits along that provides energetic protection as well, that might just be the stone for you!

Black Tourmaline Quartz is linked to all signs and all chakras.

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