Blue Onyx
Blue Onyx
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Blue Onyx

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All types of Onyx has been considered stone of magic across cultures for thousands of years.

Blue Onyx is an excellent stone for confidence and strength. With it's link to the third eye, Blue Onyx helps you to connect and communicate from a place of intuition. Blue Onyx can be especially useful for those who daydream about what "could be", and guides you towards acting on your dreams. Blue Onyx is a wonderful stone to help strengthen your relationship with a romantic partner in how you communicate.

Blue Onyx has been used as an ally to assist in eliminating grief, providing guidance towards goals, and achieving more structure in daily life. Blue Onyx allows you to feel confident in our decisions.

Fun Fact: Some ancient cultures used Blue Onyx to ward off black magic.

Blue Onyx is linked to the root, heart, and throat chakras. Blue Onyx is associated with the  imaginative and communicative sign of Gemini.

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