Celestite Cluster
Celestite Cluster
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Celestite Cluster

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Lovely Celestite is a call to inner peace. These beautiful blue clusters are top quality examples of this magnificent crystal. When viewing these specimens you may notice that they do not form like typical quartz points. They have more of a rectangular shape, and are a gorgeous translucent blue.

Celestite is a stone of calm; it is a wonderful stone for dream work, and coaxing your imagination further creatively. Celestite is a high vibration stone that helps with focus, especially in communication. Celestite is a wonderful crystal ally for focusing your intuition as well! Celestite is linked to angelic communication and connection to the divine. A potent third eye and crown chakra stone, Celestite gently opens up the mind to unseen realms. Celestite is a great crystal companion for creating a healing space with it's soothing energy.

Celestite is linked to the communicative sign of Gemini. Celestite is also sometimes called "Celestine". To preserve the beautiful blue color of your Celestite, make sure to find a home for it out of direct sunlight.

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