Charoite Pendant with Herkimer detail
Charoite Pendant with Herkimer detail
Charoite Pendant with Herkimer detail
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Charoite Pendant with Herkimer detail

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This .925 Sterling Silver pendant has a stunning piece of Charoite in the center with a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond detail. Read on below for the folklore of the two stones that make up this amazing piece!

Charoite aids in connections of unconditional love by providing one with a sense of divine connection to all. Charoite assists in protection from internalizing negative emotions that can come from those around us. Charoite can help in understanding some of the more difficult lessons that life brings us from experience. Instead of being stuck in past moments where we felt overwhelmed by our experiences, Charoite helps us to learn from the past and move forward with a positive outlook. Charoite is a useful stone of transformation helping individuals to become more generous, flexible with others, and promotes a rational approach to dealing with our thoughts.
Charoite is also said to aid in clearing out all chakras. This stone assists in having a more spiritual approach in day to day life. Linked to the astrological sign Scorpio, Charoite can assist in tapping into our intuition to help us see the benefits of all our experiences without judgement.

Herkimer Diamonds are named for their original place of discovery, Herkimer, New York. These small, water clear crystals are very high vibration Third Eye and Crown Chakra Stones. Herkimer Diamonds are stones of new beginnings that can help you feel as ease as you transition into new situations in your daily life.
Unsurprisingly, given their strong association with the higher chakras, Herkimer Diamonds are wonderful for deeper intuitive work. If you are beginning (or experienced ) with Dream Work, Herkimer Diamonds make wonderful crystal allies. Mediating with Herkimer Diamonds allows for very strong channels of energy flow, so be prepared to up your meditation practice with these potent pieces. Herkimer Diamonds are both clearing and protective to the higher chakras as well.
Herkimer Diamonds are linked to the answer seeking sign of Sagittarius, and the sign of universal connection, Aquarius.

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