Citrine Cluster
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Citrine Cluster

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Check out these gorgeous Raw Citrine Clusters! Citrine is the ultimate for bringing in the positive, and deflecting the negative! The folklore of this stone is such that it is said not to absorb negative energy, and therefore never needs cleaning. It is said to draw prosperity to the user and makes a great gift to those who own or are starting their own businesses. Many folks keep a small piece in their wallet, bag, or even a cash register. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, it helps us to trust our gut feelings, and promotes manifesting those feelings into reality with confidence. Citrine is associated with both Leo and Cancer in astrology. These signs are during the hottest point of summer. This beautiful golden crystal seems to capture the joy that can be found in the warm light of the season. This is also the reason why Citrine is associated with creative inspiration and joy! Citrine is also a wonderful addition to the prosperity corner of your home if you're into Feng Shui.

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