Eagle Talon Totem Pendant
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Eagle Talon Totem Pendant

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The Eagle has been considered a sacred totem by the Aztecs, Egyptians, Sumerians, Christians, and Hopi peoples among many other cultures. The Eagle has been recognized as a profound symbol of transformation, connection to the divine, and revered as a symbol of the very soul itself. Due to the incredible flying skills and agility of this majestic bird, Eagles are viewed as being profoundly sacred, even alchemical in their abilities. Eagles  connect from the very heights of the sky to the waters of lakes and rivers where they swiftly dive in for their prey. Eagles are a symbols of spiritual insights and bridges that can exist between the realm of matter and spirit. The Eagle asks us what we are capable of transforming ourselves into, and asks us to seek our Higher Self in all that we do. The Eagle is a Totem of action, and transformation.

Sterling Silver Pendant

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