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Emerald is a wonderful heart stone associated with friendship and lasting love! Emerald helps to open the heart to new relationships and friendships. Emerald also helps to focus on your own divine inner nature.  This inward focus of Emerald makes it a great companion for any spiritual path or journey. Emerald is useful for compassion fatigue, and helps us to fill our own emotional wells with divine love, and forgiveness.

Emerald helps us to find hope when we find ourselves in difficulty. Emerald draws out loyalty to both in ourselves and others. Emerald also aids in boosting self worth.

Emerald is also a stone associated with abundance and prosperity. If you're looking for a leg up in your professional life, Emerald has much to offer. Emerald also asks us to practice gratitude in our daily lives. Emerald is associated with the astrological signs of Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn.

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