Goethite in Quartz Pendant
Goethite in Quartz Pendant
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Goethite in Quartz Pendant

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This pendant piece features Goethite in Quartz, pendant with .925 Sterling Silver wire wrapped bale.

Goethite is another stone for those looking to achieve their goals! Goethite is frequently found in Quartz; when included in these pieces, it is pure sparkly joy. Goethite is very grounding, making a wonderful addition to Quartz for achieving whatever you set out to manifest. Goethite tied to the astrological sign of Aries, giving you energy and drive to achieve both your practical and magical aims.

Goethite is also great for those doing Ancestral Work. Goethite is also used by some interested in exploring past lives, especially during meditation. Goethite is great for providing a since of grounding during meditation.

Add some grounding and magic a potent magic spark to your life with Goethite.

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