Green Aventurine
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Green Aventurine

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Tumbled Green Aventurine is a little good luck charm that you can keep in your pocket or bag! The folklore surrounding green Aventurine is about prosperity and drawing opportunities to you. Green Aventurine, like all green stones, is tied to the heart chakra, so we're talking about abundance in a big way! This stone is all about creating new opportunities, and dare I say it adventures of both the heart and the spirit. Meditation with Green Aventurine is said to help you focus on your goals. Where do you want this small but potent stone to take you?

Green Aventurine is linked to the astrological sign of Taurus and speaks to the growth brought about during springtime. It is a stone not just of new opportunities, but renewal as well. Ruled by the planet of love and luxury Venus, Taurus speaks to both our creative endeavors as well as appreciating the finer things in life. Let Green Aventurine be your guide!

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