Green Jasper Sphere
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Green Jasper Sphere

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Green Jasper is a wonderfully protective stone of the heart! Green Jasper is a crystal guide for inner peace, and repels negativity. Green Jasper is another helpful crystal ally in uncovering self-sabotaging behavior patterns, and releasing these patterns in a calm and protected manner. Green Jasper paired with amethyst is a mini crystal support system! Green Jasper is a stone of connection and stability. If you're a troubled sleeper, or prone to nightmares, Green Jasper's soothing energy can help. Green Jasper is also a stone of fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

These peaceful but powerful pieces are linked to both the root and the heart chakras. Meditation with them can bring a sense of profound peace and connection to nature. Green Jasper is associated with the earth centered and nurturing sign of Taurus.

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