Larimar Pendant
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Larimar Pendant

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Each unique sterling silver pendant is handmade in the USA with the most lovely mineral and crystal specimens. The sterling silver settings on each piece are delicate, elegant, and sturdy; a truly winning combination!

Larimar is a stone of tremendous Goddess energy found only in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is a stone of calm. This tranquil stone is said to help in dealing with anger, phobias, and stress. Larimar can be of particular interest for those seeking connection to the Divine Feminine.

Larimar can assist in making one aware and then releasing limitations that are self imposed. Larimar can also bring to consciousness any self sabotaging behavior patterns, particularly "people pleasing" so that you can learn to speak up with confidence. If you're someone who struggles in creating boundaries with both yourself and others, Larimar can be of help!

This volcanic stone found by the sea is linked to the sign of the sun Leo, and the Goddess driven sign of Cancer.

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