Lithium Quartz Pendant
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Lithium Quartz Pendant

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Each unique sterling silver pendant is handmade in the USA with the most lovely mineral and crystal specimens. The sterling silver settings on each piece are delicate, elegant, and sturdy; a truly winning combination!

Lithium Quartz is a wonderful stone for those seeking clarity and balance. This particular variety of Quartz gets it's slightly purple color from the mineral lithium, hence the name. Lithium Quartz is wonderful for stress relief. Lithium Quartz can help folks who struggle chronic worry open up some much needed peaceful space in the mind. Lithium Quartz also makes a great crystal ally in a bedtime routine since it is said to help with insomnia.

If you're new to meditation, Lithium Quartz can be very beneficial in your practice. Since Lithium Quartz is a wonderful crystal for clearing the mind of intrusive thoughts, it can really benefit any level of meditation. Lithium Quartz is said to be a very gentle activator for the Third Eye chakra.

Lithium Quartz can help you keep your cool if you struggle with your temper. Lithium Quartz can help you have a balanced perspective in decision making. Lithium Quartz helps strengthen your relationships to other as well.

Lithium Quartz is linked to the sign of the mindful leader, Libra.

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