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“Important Protection Stone Absorbs Negative Energies and Pollutants. Clearing and Activating All Chakras, Recognition and Releases Negative Experiences. Equalizing and Balancing Agent Helps One to Accept Responsibility. Create an Unobstructed Path, Leading to Desired Goals. Stimulates Instinctive and Intuitive Reason. Represents Fidelity in Love and Friendship”

Necklace is 16 1/4” with Sterling Silver Clasp

Each pendant is handmade by local Austin artist Sheree Jordan. Sheree expertly selects only the highest quality crystals in which she crafts elegant natural fiber string necklaces. Her trade signature knot keeps the crystal perfectly centered during wear and the fiber string blends harmoniously on the skin, keeping the crystal itself the focus. It beautifully compliments any evening outfit but also works perfectly for an everyday look. Each necklace comes with a card detailing each stone’s meaning. These necklaces are popular as gifts or as an addition to any crystal enthusiast’s collection. 

The string itself is quite durable and can last years even with continuous wear. For best care practice, however, it is recommended to take off nightly and before bath time. If something does happen to the string, Sheree can restring for only $5. Contact Crystal Works or Sheree Jordan herself to arrange any repairs needed


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