Malachite freeform
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Malachite freeform

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Hand polished piece of Malachite

Malachite is a powerful heart stone, and the crystalline form of copper. It can be soothing to hold a piece of this dense but gentle stone in your hand.

Malachite is another great stone for achieving your goals! In times of general change, and difficult transitions, Malachite illuminates what can be changed for the better. Malachite let's you see the upside and practical changes that can be made when navigating the tumultuous waves of life.

Malachite helps you to gain a better understanding of your emotions, and facilitates in how to work with them for the positive. Malachite is said to aid in trauma work allowing you to safely release negative experiences from your life as you grow.

Malachite is really a practical stone too; if you're a list maker looking to check off your to do list, grab a piece of Malachite! Malachite is a stone of leaders, and those looking to get stuff accomplished!

Malachite corresponds to the heart and solar plexus chakras. Malachite is associated with the practical astrological leader Capricorn, and the emotionally and spiritually transformative sign of Scorpio.

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