Michigan Float Copper, Partial polish
Michigan Float Copper, Partial polish
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Michigan Float Copper, Partial polish

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Copper is the ultimate energy conductor! These truly magnificent specimens come from the movement of the ancient glaciers that helped form the Great Lakes. Copper is all about how we can concentrate on the flow of energy in our own lives. Copper is said to help those who struggle to express themselves, particularly emotionally. When we increase our abilities to express ourselves, we are more creative, open to other people, and connect better with ourselves as well.

The folklore of Copper is one of manifestation; it is said to bring luck and prosperity to those who use it. Copper is also linked to vitality and the ability to follow through and achieve your goals. Copper is said to help you release barriers and self-sabotaging behavior patterns.

Copper is associated with all chakras of the body. Copper is a mineral that helps you go with the flow, and direct your energy into opportunities!

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