Moss Agate Pendulum
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Moss Agate Pendulum

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Moss Agate has a deep connection to the energy of the Earth. With it's connection to nature and sense of balance, Moss Agate makes for a wonderful Pendulum stone. Read on below for more about Moss Agate!

Moss Agate is a excellent at helping you organize your thoughts. Moss Agate is known for bringing out those little " Aha!" moments that we sometimes have; Moss Agate is inspiring. Moss Agate is tied to manifestation, so it it also considered to be a stone of prosperity. Also associated with abundance and nature, this is a wonderful stone for gardeners, hikers, and other nature lovers. Moss Agate helps you to feel a deeper connection to nature and the Earth. Moss Agate can also help you feel more balanced, especially if you are prone to mood swings. Moss Agate is also a Shamanic stone as it is said to connect you with spirits found in nature; Moss agate is a stone of the fairies!

Moss Agate is a delightful heart chakra stone, and with it's sense of earthy groundedness, it is also linked to the root chakra. Moss Agate is associated with the nurturing and imaginative sign of Cancer.

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