Peridot hook earring
Peridot hook earring
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Peridot hook earring

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These gorgeous Bali silver earrings showcase two beautiful Peridot specimens in the center. Bali Silver has a higher Silver count than Sterling Silver, so anytime you give them a little polish, they just glow!

Peridot is also known as Olivine. Peridot has a lovely greenish yellow glow. Peridot is a wonderful stone for balancing your emotions. If you're looking for a supportive stone when going through any major life transitions, Peridot makes an excellent ally. Peridot reminds you that you are capable of anything you set your mind too, and helps you walk through life with your head held high. If you've recently been through a life transition that is making you question your self worth, Peridot reminds you to stop! Peridot is a stone of personal confidence and growth. Peridot is linked to some very useful attributions in folklore. Not only is Peridot considered to be a stone of prosperity, it's also a wonderful relationship stone as well. Peridot helps you let go of your insecurities in love, and gives you the ability to let go of negativity of the past. Peridot speaks deeply to the heart and solar plexus chakras helping to view your life with gratitude!

Peridot is associated with the fiery creative of the zodiac, Leo.

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