Pyritized Ammonite Pair
Pyritized Ammonite Pair
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Pyritized Ammonite Pair

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Organize your life with energetic Pyratized Ammonite!

Ammonite Fossils are a lovely example of the "Golden Ratio" that is found in nature. This natural sequence of proportion that so many life forms (even flowers!) follow, is about building new structure in our lives. Ammonite helps us to feel secure with the resources and emotional bases that we have in life, and encourages us to move from survive to thrive! Ammonite allows us to feel protected as we examine and re-imagine new ways of being. Ammonite brings focus to the areas of our lives that truly need attention, and aids in directing positive change.

Ammonite is associated with the root chakra with it's sense of grounding and organization. Ammonite is associated with the nurturing leader of the zodiac, Cancer, and the practical mystic, Virgo.

Pyrite can provide some serious energy and it's all about putting your will into action. When held in the hand, the weight of Pyrite is solid; it gives one the feeling of "you CAN do this!". The folklore of Pyrite is also tied to prosperity; it still remains a very popular stone in money spells to this day. Pyrite is also a very protective stone for both the emotional and physical bodies. In short, Pyrite is a stone of protection and empowerment. Pyrite is also great for creative blocks, and its fire energy seems to help draw out our inner creativity as opposed to our inner critic. With all the playful joy and creativity associated with this stone, it's a natural choice for the astrological sign of Leo. Pyrite corresponds with the Solar Plexus chakra to help bust up blocks between the higher and lower self; let your creative dreams flow into reality.

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