Rose Quartz Pendant
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Rose Quartz Pendant

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Each unique sterling silver pendant is handmade in the USA with the most lovely mineral and crystal specimens. The sterling silver settings on each piece are delicate, elegant, and sturdy; a truly winning combination!

Rose Quartz has one of the most gentle energies of all crystals. Rose Quartz is about self-love, and healing. Rose Quartz is a very thoughtful gift for those who have experienced a loss. Rose Quartz is a good ally in dealing with difficult emotions such as grief, sadness, and low self esteem. Rose Quartz helps to focus on all that we have to offer ourselves, and how we can treat ourselves in a more loving manner. Rose Quartz is great at helping us to tap into our intuition to see what we truly need for self care. Rose Quartz's calming energy can help aid with sleep, anxiety, and difficult emotional transitions.

Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone, and is wonderful for inner child work. Rose Quartz promotes feelings of acceptance, and the knowledge that self worth comes from within.

With it's sense of inner harmony and love, Rose Quartz is associated with both Taurus and Libra.

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