Ruby Kyanite
Ruby Kyanite
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Ruby Kyanite

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Ruby in Kyanite is a stone of clarity and inspiration! The combination of the energy of Ruby provides energy, passion, and creativity. When you have Kyanite with Ruby, the energy of this combination is more balanced and your energy can be more easily directed. Read on below for more folklore on Ruby and Kyanite.

Ruby is a stone of dynamic passion! Ruby posses a wonderful creative flowing energy to it. You cannot help but be inspired with Ruby. Ruby is said to fill the body with strong vital energy that can help you facilitate the action you need to take to meet your goals in life. Ruby is a stone of success and prosperity; in folklore Ruby is sometimes linked to fertility as well. Ruby is a stone of positive change as well; with it's focus on courage and action Ruby challenges you to leave bad habits in the past. Ruby can also provide stress relief when you might find yourself emotionally overwhelmed. Ruby reassures you that you deserve the best self care you can give yourself. Ruby imbues you with confidence to pursue your creative passions. Always follow your heart with Ruby! Ruby is linked to the creative and transformative signs of the Zodiac, Leo and Scorpio.

Kyanite is a very special stone indeed! Folklore says that not only is this one of the few crystals that never needs cleaning, but Kyanite can also align the body's chakra system automatically.Kyanite is about calm! It is both a heart and a third eye stone. Kyanite can promote a high level of perception in all psychic senses. Kyanite is particualry known for being able to align your actions in life with those of your heart. Kyanite aids in perseverance as well. Kyanite helps to focus on one's inner sense of compassion in making decisions. Kyanite has lessons to teach you in how to be gentle with yourself. Kyanite can help to clear any fog clouding one's spiritual path. Kyanite is linked to the astrological signs of Taurus, Libra, and Aries. Kyanite corresponds to all chakras, but the third eye and heart in particular.

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