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Staurolite is sometimes referred to as "fairy cross". Folklore says that having one of these stones with you will guide you to the fairy realm!

Staurolite is considered to be a very protective crystal, as well as a good luck charm! Staurolite is also said to help with stress relief and maintaining calm in difficult situations.

Staurolite helps you to ground yourself and focus your intentions; many folks do ritual work with Staurolite.

Staurolite is a stone of connection to nature as well. Staurolite is a stone that helps you feel part of a greater whole. For those who work with plant and animals, Staurolite makes a wonderful crystal ally.

Staurolite is linked to the root, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Staurolite is linked to the mystical water sign, Pisces.

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