Tiger Eye Pendulum
Tiger Eye Pendulum
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Tiger Eye Pendulum

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This lovely Pendulum features a gorgeous Tiger's Eye. Tiger's Eye is an excellent choice for a pendulum stone; some of the main qualities of Tiger's Eye make it ideal for a pendulum. Tiger's Eye helps to magnify your intentions and helps with focusing your attention on your question for an unbiased answer. For this reason, Tiger's Eye is a great choice in a Pendulum, even if you're new to dowsing or a pro! Read on for more about Tiger's Eye.

Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone for when you feel out of balance. Tiger Eye is connected to the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. .

Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone for decision making and problem solving. This is an excellent choice for times of making big decisions. Tiger Eye is also associated with energy and vitality. Once you've made your decisions, and it's time to follow through, Tiger Eye aids in stamina.

Like Fluorite, this is another great stone for folks prone to day dreaming; Tiger Eye helps narrow your focus. With it's connection to the root and other lower chakras, Tiger Eye makes an excellent grounding crystal. Tiger Eye while grounding can help you work through personal issues that may be hindering you such as stubbornness, self-sabotaging behavior patterns, and unrealistic expectations.

Tiger Eye is a stone that has so much to offer in all areas of life that need balance and structure!

Fun Fact: In Ancient lore, Tiger Eye was used to ward of curses and the "evil eye".

Tiger Eye is linked to the practical leadership sign of Capricorn.

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