Turquoise (New Mexico)
Turquoise (New Mexico)
Turquoise (New Mexico)
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Turquoise (New Mexico)

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AAA Grade New Mexico tumble and hand polished turquoise; this stuff is the real deal!

If you struggle with communication, shyness, and have trouble expressing your feelings to others Turquoise has much to offer.

A gentle throat chakra stone, Turquoise lends a feeling of belonging to those who wish to speak up more for themselves. Turquoise is also a lovely ally in helping to process difficult emotions that may cause feelings of being unworthy. Turquoise is also very protective as well.

Turquoise is thought to be balancing for both the mood as well as the physical body. Turquoise is said to assist in feelings of wholeness within the self as well as connection to others.

Turquoise is a stone that helps you to connect to both yourself and to others!

Turquoise is linked to the friendly fire sign Sagittarius, the mystical water sign of Pisces, and the transformative healing sign of Scorpio.

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