Zoisite with Ruby
Zoisite with Ruby
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Zoisite with Ruby

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Ruby in Zoisite is a stone of gratitude! The energy of the Ruby gives drive, passion, and creativity a big burst! When combined with Zoisite, you can use this energy to make decisions from a place of a balanced mind and heart.

Ruby in Zoisite is said to help release emotional pain such as grief and heartbreak. Ruby in Zoisite gives you the willingness to let go of negative feelings in a way that is heart centered and supported.. Ruby in Zoisite is also said to be good at strengthen relationships, especially focusing on passion!

In folklore, Ruby in Zoisite is said to be a "lucky" stone attracting and holding onto prosperity for those who work with this stone.

Ruby and Zoisite together leave you with a balanced energy so that you can walk through the world with a sense of belonging and confidence.

Ruby Zoisite is connected to the passionate leader of the Zodiac, Aries.

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