Alchemies Child


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This long extraction of organic herbs and essential oils was designed to enhance your meditative space when working with the principals of alchemy through your heart and solar chakras. This blend is also a crystal elixir and is enhanced with Makschite, Rose Quartz, Prehenite and Amethyst with a sodalite gemstone roller for its ability to help with communication and softening of the heart and finished with Rosemary and Thyme. 

This elixir is created with an Organic fractionated coconut oil. With many stones water can create a toxic leaching from the stones. We use polished stones and many of stones that can become toxic in water are not toxic in oil.

Alchemies Child is a boutique artisanal brand dedicated to the daily rituals that promote transformation through intentional and purposeful use. 

Made locally in Austin, Texas 


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