Alchemies Child Signature Candles

Transformation through intention - These artisanal and handcrafted candles are meant to be used daily to encourage transformation through practice and by becoming a vibrational match to that which we desire. 

Best at nighttime with your evening meditation in an upright seated position. Start by setting the tone by setting your intention. Whatever the intention, make sure to be super clear on your desired outcome. Close your eyes. Envision yourself as a vibrational match to that which you desire. See yourself in a joyous state of flow.

For best results allow the candle to burn for a minimum of 1 hour creating a memory inside of the wax. always trim the wick after each use.

Candles are hand poured, premium soy based, hemp wick, phthalates free, paraben free, plant based and cruelty free.

Alchemies Child is a boutique artisanal brand dedicated to the daily rituals that promote transformation through intentional and purposeful use. 

Made locally in Austin, Texas