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The Great God of Power & Wisdom. Ruler of the sun. Protector of all men. The Eye of Horus stands for indestructibility and aids in rebirth. Seen as the "vessel of wisdom" to be used to discern worldly truths.

The Horus scent collection is a very earthy and woody blend of hay, oak moss, teak, mahogany, cedar, and sandalwood with a hint of smoke. Enhanced with a gemstone roller of yellow jade which promotes self love, joy, and limitless potential.

Horus is the Egyptian god of the sky. He is perhaps the oldest and most recognizable of the ancient Egyptian gods. He is often portrayed as a falcon or as a human with a falcon head. With his ability to look out over the kingdom from the sky, Horus was viewed as a protector of the people of Egypt, particularly the pharaohs and rulers.

Alchemies Child is a boutique artisanal brand dedicated to the daily rituals that promote transformation through intentional and purposeful use. 

Made locally in Austin, Texas 



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