Meditation Roll-On Oil
Meditation Roll-On Oil
Meditation Roll-On Oil
Meditation Roll-On Oil
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Meditation Roll-On Oil

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Gypsy Goddess Meditation Roll-on Oil contains the following Gemstones, Empowered Herbs, Earthly Elements & Pure Essential Oils in a base of Almond Oil with Vitamin E.


Amethyst - An excellent stone for payer and meditation. Represents the violet ray of transformation and peace. 


Sandalwood Chips - This fragrant wood possesses high spiritual vibrations and instills peace. 

Frankincense Tears - Aids in meditation. Removes barriers to deeper meditation. 

Linden Leaves and Blossoms - The divine mother tree. 

Essential Oils:

Frankincense - Has been used in various religions for thousands of years. Aids in meditation, eases emotional rigidity, removes psychic blocks, and resolves old emotional problems. 

Myrrh - Enhances and strengthens spirituality. 

Elemi - Balances the chakras with the spirit of the world. Good for visualization.

Vetiver - Balances and aligns the chakras. Facilitates release of negative emotion. 

Lavender - Aids in achieving a deep trance state. 

Mandarin - Connects the inner child with Christ child energy. Softens ego and for cheerful inspiration. 

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