Winners Luck Roll-On Oil
Winners Luck Roll-On Oil
Winners Luck Roll-On Oil
Winners Luck Roll-On Oil
Winners Luck Roll-On Oil
Gypsy Goddess

Winners Luck Roll-On Oil

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Gypsy Goddess Winners Luck Roll-on Oil contains the following Gemstones, Empowered Herbs, Earthly Elements & Pure Essential Oils in a base of Almond Oil with Vitamin E.


Green Aventurine: A powerful gambler's talisman. Used in magic for games of chance. It's green color is associated with money and luck. Aventurine increases perception, intelligence and generosisty.

Red Clover: Leads you to money, gold, treasures and prosperity. Used financially for success of every kind.
Oakmoss: Oakmoss is filled with the energy of money and abudnance. Oakmoss is used magically to increase cash flow, luck and prosperity.
White Sage: In folk magic, sage is used to bring money. Sage strengthens memory and enhances the conscious mind. The perfect herb for gambling, as it increases your ability to visualize winning and makes you smart. Sage is also used to cast out negativity.
Essential Oils:
Vetiver: This oil is used for money and protection. It is ideal for manifesting change and increasing your cash flow. Perfect for inreasing good luck and fortune while gambling.
Basil: Basil stimulates the conscious mind and reduces mental fatigue. Helps to clear the mind to enhance decisions. It is used in the West Indies to attract luck and good fortune.
Nutmeg: Warming and stimulating. Enhances your energy field and your ability to attract luck and good fortune. Used in magic to increase prosperity.
Pine: The clean, crisp green fragrance of pine is perfect for drawing money and good luck to you. Pine removes bad luck and increases your good fortune.
Marigold: Mary's Gold. Mary (one of the many face of the Goddess) on her flight to Egypt turned marigolds into gold coins.

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