Seftonite Bloodstone Coins
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Seftonite Bloodstone Coins

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Bloodstone is actually a lovely form of Jasper that has had millennia of esoteric folklore attached to it. Folklore documents this stone from the Cult of Mithras, to the Romans, and later Christianity, Bloodstone is powerful energy. Bloodstone is the stone of the warrior. The Romans carried Bloodstone into battle to protect from being wounded, and are said to have even used it on wounds (hence the name). This stone can be a great gift to those in hazardous occupations. Bloodstone is also said to be wonderful for physical healing as well. Bloodstone gives us the courage and energy to face challenges and conquer our fears. Bloodstone is a stone of action and protection, and is strongly linked to the root chakra.

Bloodstone has another older name that you may sometimes come across: Heliotrope.

Bloodstone is linked to the fiery leader of the Zodiac, Aries, and the balanced strategy driven sign of Libra.

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