Merlinite Heart
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Merlinite Heart

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Merlinite is a stone of mystical communication! Merlinite is said to serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is one intense Feldspar!

If you're doing Shadow Work, and confronting parts of yourself that you have difficulty dealing with, Merlinite can be of great help.

Since Merlinite's folklore links the spiritual and material worlds together, this is a wonderful stone for developing your intuition. If you're looking to enhance or work on your intuitive abilities, Merlinite is a great choice. Merlinite is said to be a stone of mediumship.Merlinite's deep resonance with both the root and the crown chakra lend a hand in this type of work "between the worlds".

Merlinite is linked to the sign of the earthy mystic, Virgo.

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