Rhodonite Sphere
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Rhodonite Sphere

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Rhodonite is a stone of personal discoveries. Rhodonite helps you to focus on the unique path that life has carved out just for you. Rhodonite helps you to see all that you have to offer, including gifts you didn't know you had! Rhodonite helps you to focus on applying your knowledge and skills to help others. In fact, Rhodonite calls you to help others. The crystal ally can help deepen generosity ,and the desire to work for the good of humanity.

Rhodonite brings out what is hidden deep within the self, so if you are doing Shadow Work, it makes a wonderful helper.

Rhodonite is both a heart and a root chakra stone, so it pulls the internal gifts that you have to offer, and allows you to put them to use!

Rhodonite is linked to the humanitarian sign of Aquarius.

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