Ametrine Tumbles
Ametrine Tumbles
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Ametrine Tumbles

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Balance, Clarity, Cleansing

Ametrine is a magical combination of both Amethyst and Citrine! Amethyst and Citrine are both highly protective stones. With Amethyst's potent link to the crown and third eye chakras, expect some serious spiritual downloads with Ametrine. The wonderful thing about this combination is that the Amethyst in Ametrine helps you to both trust and follow your intuition on your own spiritual path. The Citrine in Ametrine calls you to action to make your own magic! The combination of Amethyst and Citrine in Ametrine is just a win-win! Citrine is said to repel negative energy to the point that you don't need to clean it. Amethyst is all about intuition and personal mystical experiences. When you mix these two as Ametrine naturally does, you end up with an incredibly powerful crystal that is all about personal magic and manifestation. Ametrine is naturally occurring, and while it has it's own unique properties, it also has the added folklore of the individual stones! A few notables about Amethyst: stress relief, aid in meditation, increasing intuitive abilities, and releasing bad habits. Citrine is known for: prosperity, energy, protection from negativity, and confidence. Grab a piece of Ametrine and see where your magic takes you!

Ametrine is linked to the fiery creative of the zodiac Leo, and the mystical water sign Pisces.

Ametrine Information:

Additional properties: Creativity, divine guidance, focus, spiritual growth, transformation

Chakra association: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown

Astrological association: Leo, Libra, Pisces

Planet association: Uranus

Elemental association: Fire, Air

Hardness: 7


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