Black Tourmaline Tumbles - A Grade
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Black Tourmaline Tumbles - A Grade

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Balance, Calm, Protection

Black tourmaline is a great go-to for deflecting negativity! Black tourmaline is said to guard against negative energy, and it works well in crystal grids for this purpose too. Black tourmaline helps with keeping emotions in balance while sharpening the mind.

If you are someone who works with your hands, this is a great stone to help turn your creative endeavors into a business!

Black tourmaline protects against psychic attack and helps to preserve your own spiritual energy. If you are a chronic worrier, Black Tourmaline assists in letting go. Associated with the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, Black tourmaline is wonderful for grounding. Black Tourmaline corresponds to the root chakra.

Black Tourmaline Information:

Additional Properties: Balance, calm, cleansing, grounding, protection

Chakra association: Root

Astrological association: Libra, Capricorn

Planet association: The Earth

Elemental association: Earth

Hardness: 7-7.5

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