Cherry Creek Jasper Coins
Cherry Creek Jasper Coins
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Cherry Creek Jasper Coins

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Balance, Vitality, Strength

Cherry Creek Jasper is a variety of Red Jasper and will have the properties of Red Jasper, but also has additional properties of its own. This special form of Jasper is packed full of passion! Cherry Creek Jasper is wonderful for encouraging creativity while also a wonderful companion for expressing your sexuality with joy and passion.

Red Jasper is considered to be one of the most stimulating crystals for physical energy. Need a boost of vitality? Training for a marathon? Starting a new workout routine, Red Jasper is your pal!

Red Jasper is also good for Dream Work, and aids in memory. Red Jasper is a stone of follow-through and focused mental energy. Red Jasper is said to be beneficial to those who have to work in emergency conditions.

Red Jasper Information:

Additional properties: Courage, creativity, manifestation, motivation, personal growth

Chakra association: Root, Sacral

Astrological association: Leo, Taurus

Planet association: Sun, The Earth

Elemental association: Earth

Hardness: 6.5-7

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