Sodalite Tumbles
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Sodalite Tumbles

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Linked to the astrological sign Sagittarius, Sodalite is a great crystal companion for times when emotions run high; it is particularly useful for communication within relationships. Sodalite aids in bringing up emotions that may be repressed so that one can consciously deal with difficult feelings. Sodalite helps to bring a sense of calm to moments when we need to feel truly understood by others. This quality also happens to make Sodalite a fine choice for those who may struggle to communicate when working in groups. Like it's link to the jovial sign of Sagittarius, Sodalite can help one feel more connected to those around them, and helps facilitate a sense of belonging that comes from within. Sodalite is also useful in aiding and acting on one's intuition. This is a stone that can help build serious confidence in being guided by your intuition.

*Stones vary in shape and color

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