Botswana Agate Tumbles
Botswana Agate Tumbles
Botswana Agate Tumbles
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Botswana Agate Tumbles

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Balance, Creativity, Focus

Botswana Agate is said to be good for those who have trouble making decisions, by granting us greater perspective in our lives. It also teaches us that through expansion, we can witness our thoughts and emotions with a sort of safe form of detachment - allowing us to process our emotions with a presence of calm and comfort. 

This beautiful banded agate is also wonderful for organizing our thoughts; with Botswana Agate you see connections you might not have seen before, so keep a note pad handy! We can also see a joyful artistic expression and being inspired by new ideas associated with this empowering stone.

Botswana Agate Information:

Additional properties: Love, protection, strength

Chakra association: Root, Sacral, Crown

Astrological association: Gemini, Scorpio

Planet association: Mercury, Jupiter

Elemental association: Fire, air

Hardness: 6.5-7

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