Girasol Tumbles
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Girasol Tumbles

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Girasol has several different names including White Rose Quartz, Blue Opal, and Moon Quartz just to name a few! Girasol is a wonderful stone for self expression, especially for those who struggle to communicate their emotions, or for those who struggle with self confidence in speaking. Girasol is associated with Third Eye activation, and can help you to trust your own intuition. This is particularly true as Girasol Quartz can help you to see the bigger picture in your relationships to others. Girasol Quartz is also a wonderful stone for strengthening relationships. Girasol Quartz is said to help direct and move energy, especially in Ritual or Energy Work.  Girasol Quartz also facilitates a deeper sense of Divine Connection as well.

Girasol Quartz is linked to the crown, third eye, and heart chakras. Girasol Quartz is associated with the Moon ruled sign of Cancer.

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