Amazonite Tumbles
Amazonite Tumbles
Amazonite Tumbles
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Amazonite Tumbles

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Balance, Calm, Clarity

Amazonite is sometimes called the "stone of truth". This beautiful light green feldspar helps those who struggle with speaking from the heart. Amazonite is wonderful for those who struggle with processing their emotions. Amazonite can help those who seem to hold in their feeling and bottle them up; Amazonite helps those feelings to be released in a positive matter. Amazonite is also a stone of balance and strength. Amazonite, despite being named for the river in Brazil originally does speak to the archetype of the feminine warrior as well. Amazonite is a stone of truth, courage, and balance.

Amazonite is linked to the heart and throat chakras of the body. Amazonite is linked to the sign of the balanced scales, libra.

Amazonite Information:

Additional Properties: Communication, intuition, manifestation, protection

Chakra association: Heart, Throat

Astrological association: Virgo

Planet association: Mercury

Elemental association: Water

Hardness: 6-6.5



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