Apatite Heart
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Apatite Heart

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Apatite is a wonderful stone for all types of intuitive work. It is great for dream work, and a good crystal ally for psychic development overall.

Apatite has a very peaceful energy about it, but it can be used to clear powerful blockages in both mind and body. Apatite is a wonderful go to crystal when you have racing thoughts and need to clear your mind.

Apatite is a great mediation aid as it can help to facilitate relaxing into deeper meditative states. Apatite can also be beneficial for insomnia and lucid dreaming. If you are looking to gain some personal insight for areas of growth in your life, Apatite can help you take a step back.

Blue Apatite is linked to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

Apatite is linked to the mystical and mercurial sign of Gemini.

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