Black Onyx Babies
Black Onyx Babies
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Black Onyx Babies

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Onyx has been a stone of magic across cultures for thousands of years.

Onyx is a very powerful grounding stone with a strong connection to the root chakra. Linked to the solar plexus and third eye chakras, Onyx is also a stone of energy and manifestation. With it's link to the third eye, Onyx can be used to connect and act on one's intuition.The protective and vital energies of Onyx are said to aid in such diverse needs as recovering your strength after illness, to assisting in  follow through on work projects.Onyx has been used as an ally to assist in eliminating grief, providing guidance towards goals, and achieving more structure in daily life.Onyx is a stone of emotional and physical healing, and has many diverse uses in ritual work.

Onyx is linked to the fiery creative sign of Leo.

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