Lepidolite Palm Stone
Lepidolite Palm Stone
Lepidolite Palm Stone
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Lepidolite Palm Stone

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Lepidolite is a wonderful heart stone that's linked to stress relief. This peaceful crystal can be a powerful ally to calm racing thoughts and overwhelming emotional states. When you feel out of balance, pick up a piece of Lepidolite.

Lepidolite promotes patience, calm, and a sense of protection.

Lepidolite can be a good stone to assist in releasing traumatic energies. Since Lepidolite is such a calming stone it can be a good ally when working through difficult past experiences while providing protection.

If you're a chronic worrier, Lepidolite helps you to not sweat the small stuff of life. Lepidolite helps to keep those who may feel ungrounded present in the moment.

Like Rose Quartz, Lepidolite promotes feelings of Self-Love and connection. Lepidolite is also good for Inner Child work. Lepidolite promotes diplomacy and honesty in dealings with others.

Lepidolite is linked to the third eye and heart chakras. Lepidolite is associated with the sign symbolized by the scales of balance, Libra.

These high-grade crystals have been cut and polished to fit perfectly in one’s palm: ideal for holding during mediation or for comfort. The weight of each stone feels substantial, and the quality of the minerals and colors pop delightfully. They are wonderful friends for a desk or a nightstand, (or anywhere you spend time), where they can invite you to periodically pick them up, and find a moment of awe and serenity. 

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