Carnelian Heart
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Carnelian Heart

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Polished carnelian heart

Carnelian is a stone of joy! Associated with the astrological sign Leo, Carnelian is all about action as it facilitates creative energy by connecting with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Carnelian increases self awareness, and can be used to draw out your best self to shine. This can sometimes be quite literal as Carnelian is said to help with stage fright!

Carnelian stimulates us to ask big questions in life and fearlessly pursue the answers we seek. Carnelian is also wonderful for clearing negativity, even from physical objects. Kept in the home environment Carnelian is said to promote a sense of harmony. As a stone that is linked to courage, Carnelian can be a fantastic ally in helping to overcome fears and phobias.

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