Eudialyte Bracelet
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Eudialyte Bracelet

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Eudialyte is a stone that reminds you that your dreams can become a reality. This lovely and powerful stone focuses on both the heart and the root chakras of the body. Eudialyte is said to give self confidence in whatever you put your heart to. This confidence comes from Eudialyte's ability to help you see through past negative experiences, and realize that the best is yet to come. Eudialyte assists in not just professional goals, but also helps you to resonate with your own spiritual path. Eudialyte with it's focus on the heart chakra helps you to resonate strongly with your own inner sense of the spiritual. Eudialyte's link to the root chakra aids with a sense of determination to walk that spiritual journey with your head up. Eudialyte is also a very protective stone as well, further grounding what you wish to manifest into you reality. Eudilayte is also a wonderful ally in promoting a sense of self love.

This amazing stone is linked to the transformative and creative sign of Scorpio.

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