Money Drawing Roll-On Oil
Money Drawing Roll-On Oil
Gypsy Goddess

Money Drawing Roll-On Oil

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Tiger's eye: Promotes wealth and abundance. Strengthens self confidence.
Herbs & Earthly Elements:
Genuine shredded currency directly from US mint.
Patchouli: A rich earthy smell used to manifest money.
Green Cedar chips: Folklore says carrying a piece of cedar in your wallet will draw money and prosperity to you.
Cinnamon Chips: Used in visualizations to increase your finances.
Essential Oils:
Patchouli Oil: Patchouli is associated with all the abundance and prosperity that the
earth has to offer us.
Ginger: Stimulates the body. It is used for prosperity, wealth and abundance.
Atlas Cedar: Brings spiritual balance. Helps one remain calm and in control. 
Cinnamon Oil: A rich scent that oozes with money energy. Increases your creativity energy. 
(Almond Oil Base with Vitamin E)

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