Nuummite Bracelets
Nuummite Bracelets
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Nuummite Bracelets

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Nuummite Chip Bracelets with large or small beads

Nuumite is a deeply Shamanic stone. When we have trouble making peace with our past, Nuumite is a wonderful crystal ally. Nuumite is a wonderful stone for Shadow Work because it encourages us to confront aspects of ourselves that at times we even refuse to acknowledge.

Nuumite is also a very helpful stone for letting go of negativity. Nuumite is especially good for Trauma Work, and self-esteem building. Nuumite is there to provide encouragement and support.

Being among the most ancient minerals, Nuumite is good for enhancing all types of intuitive work. Nuumite is a stone that brings out your own inner magic. Nummite is linked to the root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras.

Nuumite is associated with the spiritually transformative sign of Scorpio.

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