Opalite Heart
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Opalite Heart

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Opalite is known for improving moods, inducing calmness, and increasing confidence.

Opalite has esoteric properties that help facilitate contact between Angelic beings and Spirit Guides.

Opalite is a stone of hope that is said to help with depression. Opalite can help you to create both emotionally and physically balanced states. Opalite is a stone of passion in relationships. Opalite is also said to assist one through difficult times in relationships.

Opalite can help with insomnia, and can be good for keeping nightmare at bay. Opalite folklore is also tied to wealth. It makes a great gift for business owners, and those wanting to start their own businesses. Like Citrine it is said to be beneficial when placed in a cash register, bag, wallet, or pocket.

Opalite is linked to the crown, third eye, heart, and throat chakras. Opalite is tied to the balanced sign of Libra.

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